How to Install Xposed Framework Installer APK v7.1 in Your Android Mobile

With the xposed framework, it is very easy to tamper the Android system functions on the safe mode. Here, we have the details on the xposed apk which will be working on the Android upgraded versions of Android 5.0 and Android 5.1. You can have the xposed installer apk or the xposed installer 5.1, either of them; it is going to work.

About Xposed Framework Installer

The inbuilt android systems and functionalities are great when the Smartphone is new. As the time flies, the functionalities become boring, and sometimes we think to customize them, but in vain. Because of the lacking technological knowledge, the non-tech savvies do not know that the customizing is possible for the Android Smartphone with the help of the safe third party application, xposed framework 2017.

xposed framework 2017

The xposed framework is built by Rovo89 which helps to customize or modify the android settings on the safe mode. With the help of the xposed framework 2017, you can alter or tamper the battery panels, edit the build.prop system files and have access to the thousand of tweaks; it becomes easy to add the new features in the Android Smartphone. The xposed framework can work with different modules as well as on the ROMs without making any major changes in the device.

Features of the Xposed InstallerĀ Apk

While you think about downloading the xposed installer 5.1, it is necessary to know the whereabouts of the third party application. This will help you to understand well about the xposed framework.

  • Add or enhance the system features of the Android Smartphone
  • Available for multiple versions, it works at very low level
  • It enhances the different versions of the Android and different built-in CPUs.
  • You can reset the default/ factory settings of the device if you are not happy with the customized settings
  • Multiple modules can work for the customization of the same part of the app/ system.

Well, these features can now make your decision crystal clear to download the xposed framework for the Android device. As of now, we will focus on the downloading guide for the Android 5.1.

Mod Apk Information

Apk File Name
Version 7.1
File Size 2.80 MB
Android version Android 4.0.3+ (Ice Cream Sandwich, API 15)
Total Downloads 500000+

Download Xposed Installer Apk Version 5.1

The xposed framework is available for the other Android versions, but here we will see how we can download the xposed framework for the 5.1 version. If the Android device is below 5.0, then there is the possibility of rooting your android device first to enjoy the xposed framework. Before we jump directly to the download set of instructions, we will have a look for the requirements that is needed for the installation of the xposed framework in the Android device.


  • Xposed installer apk
  • Custom recovery installed CWM/ TWRP
  • Xposed installer. Zip file
  • Full android backup

Installing Steps of the Xposed Installer APK 2017

As the requirements are simple and easy to get, we will now see how to get the xposed framework in the device. It will be wiser to not to ignore any of the instruction while installing the xposed framework in the 5.1 android version.

Download Hardware Info App

First of all, download the hardware info app from the Google play store. This will help you with your Android system details.

Launch Hardware Info App

After the installation, launch the hardware info app in the phone

launch hardware info app

Click Processor Tab

Click on the processor tab for the further system information which will help in installing the correct zip file.

Processor Information

The information will be about the processor in the format like ARMv7, ARM64 or x86.

processor information

Choose The Zip File According to Processor

After having the correct information about the processor, you can now choose the correct zip file for the installation on the phone SD card. With the help of the custom recovery, you will need this zip file.

Check your Android version from the settings of the device. Now download the xposed framework for the lollipop and marshmallow device depending on the type of the processor you have.

Android 5.0
Android 5.1.1 & 5.1

xposed installer

Save File To SD Card

Save the installation files in the SD card with proper authentication, and then you can flash it on the device.

xposed installer

Boot Smartphone In To Recovery Mode

With the help of simple method, you can boot your Smartphone in the recovery mode.

Shut down your Smartphone and click on volume up>volume down>power on. If you are using the Samsung Smartphone, you can boot your phone by volume up>volume down> home key.

start recovery mode

If suppose you are using Nexus device, just press the volume down button twice and the recovery option will appear on the screen.

Click Power Button For Recovery Mode

Click on the power button and choose the recovery mode

recovery mode

Your phone recovery mode is booted.

File Installation

After the booting of the device, you have to do some file installations

Click on the install button and navigate the SD card. This is the sign of the first successful installation.

file installation

Select File

Select the downloaded files for your processor, depending on your Android version

select file

Final Instalment

After the download of the proper version of installation files, swipe right for the final instalment of the files in the device. After the installation, you have to reboot your device.

final instalment

Launch Xposed Framework Again

The rebooting of the device will clear the caches. Now launch the xposed framework application again, and thus you can use the application as you want for the different xposed installer modules.

launch xposed framework

Xposed Installer APK Video Tutorial


Well, we have tried our best to make it simple for you on how to download the xposed framework. The xposed installer 5.1 is available, and it can be upgraded up to 5.1.1 Android version. While the xposed installer apk is the basic requirement, yet you can check out whether your device needs any rooting or not. The xposed framework installer apk is the most popular as well as widely used third party application customizable software. Be careful with the download links available on the other sites which can have the malware threads or the viruses. You can share this article on the social platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Google. For any doubts, you can leave your message in the comment box; we will be glad to help you.