Best 20 Free MP3 Songs Download Sites OCT-2018[Working]

Best free mp3 download sites along with new mp3 music download free sites 2018. Today we are introducing the all new free mp3 music download sites exclusive on iTechMirror.

Music has and will always be the best form of entertainment. It has been one of those things which can encourage you, make you do fun things as well as set you in the best form of relaxation. Everyone who listens to music is definitely at peace with oneself.  If you are a music lover, you should definitely know the best way to get ample of songs to download and listen. Of course, the Internet is the best source to download music, videos and other MP3 related stuff but at the same time, the source is so big that it becomes difficult to find the right songs. Therefore, it is also important to know the best free mp3 download sites to get your desired music in your devices.

As these mp3 music download free sites are available to everyone, anyone can easily download their preferred music now. Therefore, today I am sharing this list of the best and the most amazing free mp3 music download sites of 2018.

20 Best Free MP3 Download Sites 2018

I would recommend the readers to go through this post entirely as this list is prepared by the choice of the music lovers and as a result we have also added more than 20 best free mp3 download sites which include a detailed review of the newly released music download sites.

With this 2018 list of the best mp3 music download free sites, I can assure you that you will find and download your favorite songs in no time. So, do not wait any more. Create an entire new collection of your choice from these unlimited available songs.

Following is the list of the best free mp3 music download sites 2018.


Mp3 Skull is the one of the most amazing yet free mp3 download sites that we have come across while frantically looking for mp3 music download free sites of 2018. Not only does it allow you to download and stream the Mp3 music completely free via the internet but it also allows you to search for any singer or music name. This is possible because it has the feature of the quick search tool. SO, you can expect best results from this player. It also helps you choose the most new trending Mp3 songs with a new widget.

Not only this, you can also check out the songs which have the highest download rate. One of the other interesting features is that you can also sort out mp3 songs via their bitrate. If you a music lover, you should check this site at this very moment.


BeeMP3s is one of those best free mp3 music download sites of 2018 which will definitely come to your mind when you think about music. You can download any music file without any issue completely free with this mobile friendly site. The homepage of this site allows you to check the best trending songs and artists and download them in no time in any of your devices. This site also allows you to check the ratings of the songs before downloading and also has a feature with which you can find the song alphabetically. This will help you download songs in the right order. If you are looking for the most awesome collection of free Mp3 downloads, especially for your android smartphones, then here you go.


If you are looking for one another hit free mp3 download site then MP3Lier it is. MP3Lier is the ultimate search engine for the entire Mp3 search because it has an amazing quality just like Google. Everything is found under one head. Like other user friendly sites, this site also has features like Mp3 sorting in terms of Artists, Genres and other options. It gives you a wide array of songs ranging from regional music to international music. Even though it is one of the best mp3 music download free sites, it had been blocked by the government of many countries for some particular reason. Only the use of VPN or other proxy settings can let you have access to this site.


If you want to download and gather an amazing collection of songs for you, then MP3Box is the one for it. Not only does it have the biggest collection for MP3 music, Artists and Albums but at the same time it also has many features which helps you filter songs while searching and listening to music online. It is one of the most outstanding free mp3 music download sites of 2018. It is ranked on the 4th number because of few shortcomings.

The homepage of this site gives you the freedom to check the latest top 25 albums, artists, songs, genres and many other things. From this list, you can find the most popular songs. Indeed it is one of the best free mp3 download sites.


MP3Fusion is the best free mp3 download sites of 2018 because it has an amazing way to find your desired music. In fact, in some reviews it has also been considered better than Google. It has a great feature called MP3 fusion. Being one of the oldest sites to download mp3 music, MP3Fusion is the most hassle free mp3 music download free sites which is gaining reputation day by day. It allows you to see up to more than 100 downloads and the last 200 searches. This will make it easier for you to play your songs again and again. You can download the songs from this site from the search bar provided on the homepage.


If you are looking for a muddle free user interface Indian free mp3 music download site, then DjRaag is the site which will allow you to download free songs. Its library consists of Bollywood songs in the form of MP3 which can be downloaded directly without any required permissions for free. It can be known as the useful site in the list of free mp3 download sites of 2018. The top 20 songs keep on being updated in accordance with the latest trends and the gained popularity. Thus, you will always up to the mark in terms of information of the latest songs. DjRaag is indeed the best mp3 music download free site of 2018. I would recommend it as the best for Bollywood fans.


I am sure all of you will be confused with the fact that I have included YouTube in this list. Well, Yes. YouTube it is. Even though YouTube is not a free mp3 music download site, it is indeed the most unusual and incredible video directory trending and rocking the internet at present. There is an unimaginable collection of videos and albums on YouTube. In order to convert the video to Mp3, you can use online help and then download it as a MP3 file. Any language that you have known off and heard till date is available on YouTube. Even though, the process of conversion to Mp3 songs consumes some time, there is no competition to the amount of videos that are available on YouTube.

Now, all of you would know my reason for considering YouTube in this top list of free mp3 download sites of 2018. All you have to do is search for the song that you wish to hear and download. Copy that video URL and paste it in any of the converters below. Get started and listen to your favorite music.

ClipConverter | Savefrom.Net | YouTube to MP3


Epitonic is one of the most entertaining online mp3 music download free sites which give you access to download songs. There is a separate database for international songs so you need not waste your time hovering around on the homepage in confusion. As a result, you can find the songs of relevant regions and genres easily.

Not only can you create albums and playlists to save your favorite songs online but you can also explore more music and play it in online mode if you do not wish to download by signing up from a free account. Isn’t it just amazing! I would definitely recommend this site as one of the most informative free mp3 music download sites of 2018. This should definitely be on your list as it is one of the best free mp3 download sites.


SeekaSong is a very unique free mp3 download site in 2018 and of course it can be called as the leading sites of the best mp3 music download free sites because of its comprehensible and manageable interface which allows you to download your desired music for free and even listen to them in online.

Not only can you download regional and international songs and save them in your database but you can also search for higher quality songs very fast.

I find this site worth recommending and would definitely involve it in the list of must use mp3 music download free sites.


EMP3World is one of those free mp3 music download sites of 2018 that you can use regularly. I would definitely acclaim this as the one that can be bookmarked so that you do not miss a single chance to download free music.  It has a marvelous user interface and a huge database. All regional and international songs are available to download free of cost without any hassle. I would definitely mention this simple yet most entertaining free mp3 download site of 2018 for my readers.

Xbox Music

If you are looking for yet another bizarre site to download MP3 songs for free, then Xbox is the one. Being the most trusted sites, it allows you to download free songs as well as listen to songs online without any hassles or viruses. It does not contain any infected files as well.  Xbox has basically been developed by Microsoft and the series mainly focused on gaming console products but lately they added a sub-domain called Xbox Music that allows users to download and listen to online music for free. Even though it is one of the most amazing mp3 music download free sites, there are some songs with are not available. But it is definitely worth a try.


Like all these sites, Jamendo is a free mp3 music download sites of 2018 which helps you download MP3 online music for free. It is a good recommendation to create your desired playlist which can consist of all regional and international songs. It comes with lots of another surprising features and that makes all the users very happy. I rank Jamendo in the list of best free mp3 download sites. is an mp3 music download free sites from where you can download songs for free. The user interface is very contemporary and nonchalant which allows you to watch live videos of events as well. The database of this site keeps on updating on a regular base as a result of which the users of this site get an amazing platform to keep on trying different genre and albums. Isn’t it one of the most amazing free mp3 music download sites of 2018?

DramaCore MP3

DramaCore MP3 is one of the most widespread mp3 music download free sites. You can download any number of songs from this site. The only drawback of this amazing free mp3 download sites is that it does not allow you to do multiple activities.


MP3Juices is one of the most popular and fastest mp3 search engine and downloader in the world. You can search the song from an artist name or a song name in this MP3Juices site. They have also introduced the MP3Cutter in their website if you found any soundless parts in the mp3. You can simply use this tool to remove everything disturbing.

You can find the free mp3 from the following ways:

  • Download YouTube video to MP3 directly with the video URL.
  • Search and download free music with artist or a song name.
  • Additional MP3 tool – MP3Juices MP3 Cutter


SoundCloud is one of the best and leading social sound platform where anyone can create sound and download mp3 songs for free. You can easily share the sound uploaded by you with your friends and family in SoundCloud. You can even publish it on your blogs, social network and sites. You can share the sound in just one click to tumblr, twitter, facebook and foursquare.

The site is one of the best free mp3 download sites in the world. You just need to create an account on the website. You can listen any music online or even download the song in the mp3 format for free. Enjoy this free mp3 music download site 2018.

Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive is a less popular and having the less source of free music as compare to others but it you can find the useful data concerning new hot music release. It is one of the nicest layout free mp3 download site in 2018. Just have once a try and enjoy free mp3 downloads from this website.

In Conclusion

All those who believe that Music is the ultimate form of refreshment and that it brings enough peace and happiness would know that there are no alternatives for music. It not only makes you relaxed in your leisure time but it also makes you more fruitful and boosts your brain.

Now that I have shared with you the list to download MP3 songs from the most amazing free mp3 download sites 2018, I am sure you will not face any issues to find your favorite music. If there are other sites, that you think that are as incredible as these, then please feel to comment in the box below so that I can update it in the nest post. I would also recommend you to bookmark this page so that you have easy access to the list of the best free mp3 download sites of 2018.