Download Jetpack Joyride Apk (Unlimited Mods) v1.10.12 For Android

If you are the person who is in love with the adventures and thrills, then we are sure you will love the most popular smartphone game, jetpack joyride. The game is available on all leading OS platforms, and also there are certain limitations on the original version. You can read the complete post to know how to download jetpack joyride mod apk overcoming the limitations for the Android OS users.

About Jetpack Joyride Mod Apk 2018

Majority of the smartphone users and gamers by now must know the game publisher names since they are playing from a long time. While there are already many adventurous games on the smartphone along with different categories, it isn’t hard to distinguish which game is going to be more popular based on the features. While we are already discussing the smartphone games, recently we tried playing another game under adventure category, Jetpack Joyride. The game is developed by Halfbrick Studios, the same developer who had released fruit ninja and also other popular games.

The jetpack joyride is the game based on the fictional character, Barry who is a struggling gramophone salesman. While thinking about his struggle, he comes across secret laboratory and the commanders who are experimenting with the jetpacks. Barry breaks into it and gets the jetpack by himself to become the saviour of the world. The game was released on 2011 on OS platforms, and then, later on, it was released on other platforms as well. The entire game play revolves around fighting, dodging, and flying, shooting and collecting the coins.

Already there are 100 million downloads taken place on the app store and Google Play store; therefore the popularity of the jetpack joyride is rising. To launch the jetpack, you just have to touch the screen and travelling as much as you can to collect points, coins and in between, you will encounter soldiers and the attacks which you have to avoid. During the entire game play, you will be given three missions,

  • running past a certain number of scientists
  • avoiding coins for the set distance
  • flying close to zappers

The game has won several awards already since you are playing the role of someone who can attack nuclear power plant and then escape. Overcoming the limitations of the original version of the game like locked jetpacks and gadgets, geek team has developed another version of the game named jetpack joyride mod apk. The modded version of the game is the third party application developed exclusively for Android users. From the jetpack joyride mod apk, you can access unlimited coins and unlock the jetpacks, levels and much more. To download jetpack joyride mod apk on the Android device, taking the help of web will not harm you because the download link of the game for the Android OS is available on net but not on Android market, i.e. Google Play Store.

Features of Jetpack Joyride Mod Apk

While the features of the jetpack joyride talk about the game, we have shared some of the best ones here so that you can understand the modded version of the original version well.

  • The game design is funny and interesting. Getting bored while playing is not on the list when it comes to the jetpack joyride mod apk.
  • The huge platform on the game is a nuclear power plant.
  • On the game, you have to protect yourself from the soldiers who are appointed in the plant.
  • All the characters are funny as well as charming.
  • To defend yourself, you can use different weapons and tools to fight.
  • There are dodge lasers, zappers and the guided missiles.
  • There are ridiculous outfits available to try on the character.
  • To boost your rank, you can compete on the daring and adventurous missions.
  • From the simple one touch control, you can examine your reflexes.
  • The features on the jetpack joyride mod apk are unlimited.
  • To boost the energy and lives, unlimited coins are available.
  • All the gadgets and the jetpacks are now available unlocked without any charges.
  • There is no need to root your Android device for the successful installation of the game.

These are few best features of jetpack joyride mod apk although there are many more to share and describe in detail. You can explore all of them and have great experience using them after the installation of jetpack joyride mod apk on the Android OS device.

Download Jetpack Joyride and Installation

While looking for the direct download links for the jetpack joyride mod apk for the Android device, we came across several websites. All these websites are offering the best direct download links of the game also asking the users to root the device for the successful installation. We have already mentioned there is no need for such; all the claims of root are false and only few changes on the device settings are needed to make to download jetpack joyride mod apk on the Android OS device.

Backup & Uninstall

We are glad that you are already enjoying the game on the device and to level up your entertainment dose on the game with the jetpack joyride mod apk version; you will have to take the backup from the original version and uninstall it. Android OS does not allow the installation of the two apps sharing the same name.


After the backup and uninstallation of the original version, you can start to download jetpack joyride mod apk version from the direct download link provided here. The link attached in the post is secured one, safe to open on any Android device.

Changes to Device Settings

For the successful installation of the jetpack joyride mod apk on the device, make the changes on the device settings. Open settings> security> unknown sources. Enable the unknown sources clicking tick on the dialog box.

Transfer to Android Device

For any reason if you are downloading the mod apk file on the PC then you can transfer to the Android device with the secured USB cable for the further installation process.

Terms and Conditions

After the apk file download on the device, read the terms and conditions and click on I AGREE. If you don’t, you will face the installation error or issue.


Click on INSTALL and let the installation process began. The app will be installed on the device within minutes depending on the speed of the data connection available.

Launch the Jetpack Joyride Mod Apk

You can launch the game by tapping on its icon from the home screen.

Download Jetpack Joyride Mod Apk 2018


To look out for the secured direct link to download jetpack joyride mod apk on the Android device is difficult but if done from the right website, the tasks becomes easy. You can share the post with your friends on the social networking sites like Google+, Twitter or Facebook.

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