Crashlands 1.3.26 Full Mod Apk (Health/Resources) Download OCT-2018

It is always fun and curious to know what is the life on another planet. The crashland mod apk is the one such game, where you play the alien on another planet and perform all the activities which you are doing it here. Read the post to know the steps for crashland mod apk download on the Android OS devices exclusively. Here we have latest and more crashlands mod apk unlimited resources for only our visitors.

About Crashlands Mod Apk 2018

To survive on another planet is the plot of the game crashlands mod apk. It is effortless to download the game from the Google play store in the exchange of the dollars, but if you are hesitant to spend the money, try the crashlands apk download from here for your Android OS devices. The modded version of the game is created especially for the Android users; hence, without the need to pay anything to the developer, you can enjoy the game.

The crashlands game is all about playing the alien on another planet, surviving on it by performing the tasks and the activities such as planting the fields, collecting the items from the nearby to make weapons and defend yourself. The game falls under RPG and action category as it allows the player to travel to another planet and enjoy the adventures. You can attack the monsters and other creatures with the help of the combat techniques and the mechanic- you have to hit them and then avoid the AOE patterns.

The gameplay is about four-five hours, and without getting bored for a single second, you can win many quests, challenges and also can complete the levels. The stuff you collect from the game can be used to create weapons, armors, tools, and other aesthetic items. There is no difference between the crashlands, and the crashlands mod apk except the latter version is available without any charges from the direct download link shared here. Check it out best and popular crashlands mod apk unlimited resources only on our website.

Features of Crashlands Mod Apk 2018

The technical introduction of the game may not provide you the insights; therefore, we have shared the best features of the crashlands mod apk so that you can understand the game well.

  • There are more than 500 items available in the game, and they all are available unlocked on the crashlands mod apk version. You are allowed then to explore the world and learn their secrets.
  • There are infinite inventories which can be managed by itself and also retrieve your tools whenever you need while on the adventures, construction, and the missions.
  • As you move up in your level and the skills, you will gain more power. Once you are in power, it becomes easy for you to progress on the RPG module such as, exploring the new regions/ world, meeting strange characters, discover the stories, and enemies as well.
  • You can defend yourself from the enemies with the fighting skills and from the weapons you create.
  • Creating the ideal bases on the game is just like moving the brush on the canvas for the painting.
  • You can create the special objects for the creatures on the crashlands. You can even empower them using these objects.
  • There are 100 missions on four intelligent races, three continents and also the epic offers for the future of the planet.
  • It is no problem if your game has crashed on one device for the technical reason. You can always play the game on another device in the progressive mode. The game supports the cross-OS platform.
  • The crashlands mod apk is free to download on the Android devices.

These are few features from the crashlands modded version game although there are many to explore. You can take the lead here to explore and experience the fun of all the features from the game once you have installed it on the Android device.

Crashlands Mod Apk Download & Installation

Websites are offering the direct download link for the crashlands mod apk version on the Android device, and also the same websites are asking for rooting the device first which is not applicable for the successful installation. We have shared the tip here for the crashlands apk successful download and installation along with the instruction manual guidelines provided below.

Backup & Uninstall

If you are already the paid version of the game with the limited features and benefits, you can download the modded version of the game from the post. First, you have to take the backup first and then uninstall it so that you can create the space for the crashlands mod apk on the Android device.


Now start the crashlands apk download from the direct download link provided here.


Transfer Apk File to Android Device

For any reason or the circumstances if you are downloading the game on the PC, then kindly transfer it to the Android device with the stable USB cable for the further installation process.

Changes to Device Settings

For the successful crashlands mod apk version installation, you have to make the changes on the device settings. Open settings> security> unknown sources. Enable the option of unknown sources.

Terms & Conditions

After the apk file is downloaded, launch the file and read the terms and conditions. Click on I AGREE and then proceed further with the installation process. If you don’t agree to the terms and the conditions, you might face the installation error and issues.


Click on INSTALL and start the installation of the crashlands mod apk. The app will be installed on the device within minutes, and then you can launch it by tapping on the icon visible from the home screen.

Crashland Mod Apk & Unlimited Resources Video 2018


The crashlands mod apk is compatible with all Android versions and devices. The crashlands mod apk download link provided here is secured, and therefore your device will not be infected with any malware or virus. You can share the post with your friends on the social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

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