Casper App: Snapchat Saver Apk Download Free OCT-2018

Since the popularity of the Snapchat, the Casper APK is developed. The Casper Snapchat allows the Snapchat users to get their upload histories and if you desire too, then go through the article to know how Casper app download takes place.

About Casper App

As the Smartphone apps are getting popular, you will find its alternatives or substitutes in the market. These substitutes do not harm the standard apps; instead, it fills the missing gap which is encountered by the users while using them. After Instagram, if there is any other photo sharing application, then it has to be Snapchat. The Snapchat is the Smartphone app enabling the users to share their photos and videos with other friends using different funny filters and creating stories for a particular time- 30 seconds, 1 minute or 3 minutes.

Now since we know the Snapchat allows the users to maintain their story on the app for 24 hours, it becomes difficult for the users to get hold of the upload history after the time out. This feature we see as the missing feature, which the users demand to rectify, but in vain. That is why the developers like you and me have come up with the Snapchat alternative or can say substitute- Casper APK. It can also be called Casper Snapchat because it has the missing features of the Snapchat application.

Casper APK is the Android application, serving to the users for creating unlimited Snapchat. Using the Casper APK can save a lot of time since it the Android screenshot app. The Casper Snapchat is the useful app for those people who want to capture their screen in an emergency to share something important with others. The Casper APK also allows the users to share their captured screens on the social media platform like Facebook. Still confused about what we are talking here? Check out the features of the Casper Snapchat, you will understand clearly.

Features About Casper APK

If you are a new user or the beginner to the Casper APK, then we can understand your confusion in understanding the application. The description might not have helped you to get the clear indication that is why we have described the features of the Casper Snapchat.

Immediately Save

  • Once you receive the Snapchat message, you can save it immediately on the device for later use.

Unlimited Snaps

  • Unlimited snaps you can take.

Share & Send Msgs

  • You can share or send messages to your friends on Snapchat and even on Facebook.

Numerous Add-ons

  • Numerous add-ons, and filters.

Application is Free

  • The app is free, no hidden charges.

App is Compatible With All Android

  • The Casper APK is compatible with all Android devices.

Now maybe you must have got an idea about Casper Snapchat by understanding the simplified features of the app. still if you have any doubt, you can come back to us, leaving your message in the comment box, in need of our guidance.

Casper Snapchat APK Download & Installation Steps

Since now you have become familiar with the Casper APK app, let us now guide you for the Casper app download on the Android device. After learning the features, we are sure that you need the Casper Snapchat desperately in the device. But before you initiate the download, we would like to have your attention to make some changes in the device settings.

The Casper APK is the third party application, so you will not find the app in the Google play store that is why we have provided the direct link here. You do not have to worry about the safety of the download links given here; it is malware free. Now, first let us help you in changing the device settings for the successful installation of Casper Snapchat. Foremost, open the settings> security> unknown sources. Enable the option of unknown sources; this will make your Casper APK installation smooth.

Download Casper APK File

  • After making changes in the device settings, start the Casper app download from the link given here. If suppose you are downloading the file on the PC, you can transfer the file to your device with the help of USB cable.

Open the APK File

  • Now open the APK file and locate the install tab

Tab to Install

  • Click on install, and after few seconds the app will be successfully installed


  • You can check out the app icon from the home screen.

Download Casper APK Steps(Video Tutorial)


Just like the official Snapchat app, you can use the Casper APK by logging in with the correct Snapchat username and password. The Casper Snapchat is developed by Liam Cottle, specifically for the Android OS. Once you have understood the Casper app download instructions, it will be easy for you to install in the device. You can share this article with your friends on the social media platforms like Facebook, Google or Twitter.

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