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Top 10 launchers for android or best android launchers 2018. Know the comparison between top 10 best launcher for android 2018 on iTechMirror.

Android and Apple are the two names that every child today is aware of and almost everyone today owns these devices. Well the one thing in life that makes people a little disinterested in things is the monotonous schedules, and likewise seeing the same things and using the same devices. Hence to bring in an element of newness designers today come up with new concepts for the mobile devices, to make the same device interesting enough for the users to use them for a long time.

Since the mobiles have become the staple requirement of everyone’s life today, the android developers and interface designers have come up with a concept of designer amazing best launchers for android 2018. These android launchers are the first thing that any user uses whilst using the device, since they are customized, easy to click, almost at the one go of the touch of a button or an icon, hence making them highly essential yet extremely design friendly feature of androids that can be used to make the androids friendly. This article talks about the best android launcher 2018.

Top 10 Best Launchers For Android 2018

It is not a surprise that the world of android is filled with amazing and multiple android launchers, which are all full of customization, sometimes even replicating the launchers from other devices. This is a list of best launchers for android, which gives you the freedom to choose from different launchers as per your choice which suits your preferences, and is also easy to handle.

Android Launchers – What are they?

To understand in a very basic term, android launchers are user interfaces (UI) which are used to customise the screen icons and the layout of your home screen and menu screen. It is like a powerhouse tool to customise the design of your mobile device interior, where you make the changes you want in your little abode of multimedia as and how you want. Hence the need to write you a list of the best android launcher.

How is an Android Launcher Advantageous?

The best use of an android launcher is to change your phone in a way one can never imagine. You can make your android phone from the normal lollipop OS interiors to an Apple iOS interior, to a Windows phone interior. The variety of widgets available on these best android launcher make them so cool to use, you will end up loving them all.

List Of Best Launcher For Android 2018

The list of best android launcher is mentioned below and you can use this as per your convenience and liking. Enjoy this treasure house of best launchers for android:

Most of the Android OS support almost all of the below mentioned best launchers for android including the Gingerbread, Jellybean, KitKat, Lollipop, & MarshMallow upgraded software.

Action Launcher 3

One of the best launchers for android, Action Launcher, is a capital for the customizations that an Android can offer. Some of its amazing features are Quick page, Quickdraw, Amazing Covers, lively Shutter and others too.

It comes with multiple options for customisations and very interactive designed features that is available to the users to enjoy the android experience better than compared to the usual interfaces which are very lucid and mundane.

If you are looking for a seamlessly working android launcher, Action Launcher is the best android launcher 2018.

Action Launcher 3 Features

  • Nexus/Pixel Launcher features
  • Edit the icons and labels of apps
  • Hide the status bar easily
  • Infinite + Smooth scrolling
  • Quick Theme
  • Change the Font
  • Slide-out app drawer
  • Quick search to find all your Music, Photos, and other files
  • Shutters
  • Live wallpaper and API supported
  • Quickbar
  • Quickpage
  • Quickedit
  • Smartsize icons (Beta)
  • Covers – Direct action buttons


The second in the list of best launchers for android Apex launcher is another great launcher for making your boring android phone customized to enjoy the newness in the interiors of your phone. This is a free of cost launcher, hence you get an upgrade to the look of your phone without any hassles of paying for it. Though you might find some in-app purchases which are bundled with a pro version which is a paid version.

With its amazing customizing options, this launcher bags a position in the list of best android launcher 2018.

Apex Launcher Features

  • Customizable homescreen
  • Fancy transition effects
  • Drawer apps sorting
  • Scrollable dock
  • Multiple drawer styles
  • Homescreen gestures
  • Hide apps from the drawer
  • Customizable icons and labels
  • Advanced theme
  • Backup/restore settings and data
  • Different folder preview styles
  • Lock your desktop
  • Infinite & elastic scrolling
  • Lots of other customization options

Google Now

The name of this launcher bears the weight of the biggest multinational companies that holds the leading position in the market- Google. Without a doubt, Google Now is best android launcher 2018, and it comes pre-installed in most android Nexus series phones.

It is known to all that android is a product of the Google prodigy, thence it is pre-installed in most phones that support an android OS.

Google Now, since comes from the family of Google is quite interactive and well designed, yet it lacks a few features that might allow it to have the freedom of customization. Some devices experience a lag in this launcher, though it works seamlessly in most devices. Google Now bags a position in the list of best launchers for android 2018.

Google Now Launcher Features

  • Free
  • true android experience
  • Google Integration
  • Start searching by saying “OK Google”
  • Clean-looking launcher
  • No Ads
  • No 3rd party bloatware’s
  • Frequently updated

Nova Android Launcher

This being a personal favourite in the list of best launchers for android 2018, Nova Launcher, comes out as a really amazing customised android launcher.

This launcher comes with highly customised special features which make it a very reliable yet interesting android launcher. A friendly user interface that has multiple of customisation options available, it is supported by the Lollipop android OS. This launcher does not only work on the mobile devices, it also works on the tablets!

Nova Launcher Features

  • Icon Themes
  • Subgrid positioning
  • Color controls
  • Amazing UI with lots of customization
  • Improved Widget Drawer
  • Highly customizable app drawer
  • Smooth infinite scrolling
  • Backup/Restore
  • Scrollable Dock
  • Widgets in dock
  • Solid icons and themes pack
  • Import Layout
  • Fast

Solo Android launcher

Solo Launchers bags one of the highest votes in terms of the best launchers for android. The statistics that support this launcher are:  4.1 average rating on the Play Store and downloads that are more than a million in number.

This launcher come with amazing customisations, giving you a lot of freedom for making changes to your android, a very decent and clean look, that gives you multiple options to customise your UI, the themes, the background the icons and many other things. It also comes free of cost which makes it one the best android launcher 2018.

Solo Launcher – Clean, Smooth & DIY Features

  • Search for Information
  • Clean & Boost
  • Nice collections of themes
  • Quick Gestures
  • Fast and Smooth User Interface
  • DIY with Photos
  • Beautiful Themes
  • Cool animations effects
  • Home Screen gestures
  • Beautiful Wallpaper
  • Solo Now
  • Google now is integrated
  • Visualized Settings
  • Smart HomeScreen Icon Management
  • Smart Widgets

Go Launcher Ex

Another amazing number in the best android launcher is the Go Launcher Ex for the Kitkat OS for android. This is another one of the personal favourite which gives highly effective results.

It comes with amazing features of the lime of 3D images, customisation of grids, and many more things that help it to be one of a kind launcher. The only drawback that this launcher comes with is the excessive promotional messages and third party application interference whilst running the launcher.

Though this launcher definitely is one of the best android launcher irrespective of the little drawback.

Go Launcher Ex Features

  • Stylish
  • Smart
  • Eye-catching transition effects
  • Slim
  • Easy swipes and gestures
  • Good icons style
  • Personalized
  • 3D or animation transition

Next Launcher

Though not quite familiar with most Android users, this launcher has its own league when it comes to the best launchers for android. The unique selling point of this launcher is the 3D effects it offers that are too real for animation. This launcher definitely bags a rank for its state of the art 3D media, which makes it the best launchers for android.

Next Launcher Features

  • Extremely fancy 3D effect
  • Real 3D Home Screen Transition Effects
  • Stunning 3D screen preview
  • 8 different gestures
  • Enhanced shining border effects
  • Keep releasing 3D Next widgets

Galaxy Launcher

Galaxy launcher, as the name suggests comes with the Samsung galaxy devices, and is an amazing launcher. Though it also works equally well with the non Samsung devices which makes it to the list of best launchers for android 2018. If you want to enjoy the Samsung experience on your phone and want to customise your user interface with the galaxy experience, go ahead and install the Galaxy launcher which will give you the opportunity to transform your device from to a Galaxy experience, hence making it the best launchers for android.

Galaxy Launcher Features

  • Customizable icon size and icon text size
  • Hide apps in drawer
  • Support ADW icon packs
  • Customizable desktop grid and drawer grid
  • Infinite scrolling on desktop, drawer and dock
  • Screen orientation
  • 1×1 widgets in dock
  • Backup and restore
  • Gestures support
  • Set default screen for desktop
  • Resize any widget

Launcher 8

We all know that Windows phones come with their own unique UI which is also very much in sync with the Windows for the laptops. One of the best launchers for android 2018, which allows you to enjoy the Windows experience on your phone, Launcher 8 comes with a multiple customizations making your smartphone compatible to your laptop, irrespective of it not being a Windows phone.

This is a highly customizable launcher which also comes free of cost, and it can also be termed as WinDroid, which becomes a combination of android and windows. Launcher 8 is one of the best launchers for android.

Launcher 8 Features

  • Truly window 8 experience
  • LockScreen
  • Featured tile
  • Custom tile
  • StatusBar
  • Featured app drawer
  • DIY folder
  • Theme
  • Wallpaper
  • Application notifications

Buzz Launcher

An innovative and amazing new launcher, which is highly effective and customizable, Buzz launcher is one of the best launchers for android. For the android TV this is one of the best alternatives as a launcher, which has more than a million downloads and has a rating of 4.5 on the Google Play Store. It comes with a clean ad amazing user interface which makes it to the list, and has all the essentials for android along with the customizations that you might want to make to the android phone. It comes hassle free and very seamlessly working that is why it is the best launchers for android.

Buzz Launcher Features

  • Change between multiple smooth, fast, and easy Transition effects
  • Innovative home screen Ideas
  • Great transition effects
  • Fluid cum infinite scrolling
  • Pretty fast launcher unlike others
  • Highly customized widgets section

Hope you have enjoyed this list of Android Launchers 2018. Please pass us on your feedback as we will love to hear your reviews on the same. Bookmark this page to get more updates on best android launchers 2018.