25+ Top iPhone Secret Codes List (Hidden Codes) 2018

Here, we will see how you can crack or get the shortcuts to the iphone codes. Although we use the iphone daily and we might know some codes which are USSD that are used for the daily basis. As you will read this article, you will get to know about the iphone secret codes which can be used to unlock new features and information in the iphone. The secret iphone codes are very easy to understand.

Best 25+ Secret iPhone Codes List 2018

Though you are using the iphone on a daily basis, still you do not know some of the features which can be unlocked with the help of some secret iphone codes. Yes! You read right! There are some features of the iphone which are not known to the device users, and that can be unlocked with the help of iphone codes.

We have listed the best and latest 25+ best iphone secret codes of 2018. With the aid of iphone secret codes, you can reveal the hidden secrets about the iphone.  You do not have to worry if you are using iphone 4s or iphone 7. These secret iphone codes work on all iphone.  Try the iphone codes given below and experience the wonder by yourself.

  • *#06#

With this code, you can know your IMEI. It is necessary to know for your mobile phone hardware. Dial this iphone code, and the IMEI number will be displayed on the screen.

  • *3001#12345#*

Browse through all your iphone personal settings, cell information and newest network on your handset.

  • *#67#

Forward the particular contact number when your iphone is busy. This iphone code will only work if the handset is busy.

  • *646# (postpaid user)

You can check your plan’s available minutes left for your talk time.

  • *225#(postpaid user)

No matter what network you use, this iphone code reveals the bill balance.

  • *777#

Check your account balance with the help of this iphone secret code; this is for prepaid users.

  • *#61#

Check the number of missed calls you have received from the particular contact number.

  • *#62#

You can check the number of forwarding calls when there is no network available.

  • *3370#

Improve your iPhone’s voice quality with this iphone code. It is called EFR, enhanced full rate. Though it will reduce the battery life of the iphone.

  • *#5005*7672#

With this secret iphone code, you can check the SMS centre of your network.

  • *331#

It is the barring code, where you can block the individual types of the incoming calls when you are abroad or on international roaming.

  • *#43#

Check the call waiting status with this iphone code on your handset.

  • *43#

You can check activate the call waiting status with this secret for iphone code

  • #43#

You can deactivate the service of call waiting with the help of this iphone code.

  • *#31#

If you do not like your contact number to be on the screen, you can hide your contact details with this iphone secret code

  • #31#

Block the caller ID for the current or ongoing call on the iphone device.

  • ##002#

Disable the activity of call forwarding with this secret iphone code.

  • *#33#

Check the control bars of the calls with the help of this iphone code. You can also check the other features like call barring are activated or not, SMS, fax, voice information of the iphone can also be checked out.

  • *#76#

To check the connected line presentation, you can use this iphone code. With this iphone secret code, you can know whether the connected line is enabled or disabled.

  • *#21#

You can check all type of call forwarding settings with this code. Inquire about the call forwarding settings like voice, SMS, fax, information, etc.

  • *3282#

Check the data information on your iphone with this code. It will give you the relevant information on the data that you’re using and also about the available data balance.

Secret iPhone Code Video


These were the secret iphone codes which can be used for various aspects and to unlock some of the features on your iphone. All the above secret iphone codes are working and are active. You can make use any of the iphone secret codes as it displays the private settings of the iphone. Share this piece of an informational hack with your other iphone users on Google, twitter or facebook.

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